Best Tips and Secrets to Hungry Shark Evolution

Basically, Hungry Shark Evolution is a simple game that you play as a shark. You have to keep eating in order to stay alive. Also, you will have to keep moving in order to dodge the dangerous items that are found beneath the water which might kill the shark otherwise. Thus, the aim of the game isn’t simply hunting down food to stay alive. You also have to navigate through the dangerous environment.

If you are having problems in playing the game and evolving the shark then you can follow the techniques that have been mentioned below. These are easy tips and you do not have to be a professional to follow it.  And also use hungry shark evolution cheats.

You Shouldn’t Stop Eating

This is an obvious and easy trick. However, you might at times find it tempting to slow down the eating activity and spread out the amount of eating. However, you should know that if you do this then the health level and you will die eventually. You will always find food in this game; you just have to know where to look for it. You can take the help of the map to find this out. If aren’t looking for food and enemies then you might be playing the game all wrong.

Do the Daily Challenges

If you have to upgrade the shark, then you need coins. One of the best ways to earn coins is to complete the daily challenges that have been given to you. It is great way by which you will be able to stay on top. This is a reliable way to unlock more sharks. Also, these daily challenges aren’t that difficult and you will be able to complete it easily.

Know Your Food

All the food that you are eating is not equal. The points you earn depends on the size of the thing that you are eating. Thus, if you want to earn more points, you need to look for bigger items.